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American Doctoral Degree Programs at Argosy University – Background

Argosy University is a private university that has 19 locations throughout the United States. This school offers many different doctorate degree programs. Currently, the University’s has locations in twelve states and also offers people the opportunity to take online classes. The programs the University offers vary depending on the campus: some only offer certain degrees. Aside from doctorate degrees, Argosy University also offers associates, bachelors, masters, and specialist degrees, among others.

American Doctoral Degree Programs at Argosy University – Subjects

Some of the most popular doctorate degrees that Argosy University offers include the following: a PsyD in Clinical, a Doctor of Education in Community College Executive Leadership, and a Doctoral degree in Instructional Leadership. Many of the doctorate degree programs offered by the University take three to four years to complete, include an exam and dissertation, and require a minimum of 60 credits. Specific doctorates have specific requirements, so those interested in such degrees should look into the specific discipline’s requirements.

American Doctoral Degree Programs at Argosy University – Eligibility

To be eligible for the American Doctorate Degree Programs, applicants will have to have a master’s degree in the desired discipline from an accredited institution or a foreign institution that has been certified as fit. Additionally, applicants will need to have a GPA of at least a 3.0 in their specialty and in any graduate study they have attended.

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