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American Doctorate Degree Programs at Antioch University Los Angeles – Background

Antioch University Los Angeles, was established in 1972 and is located in Culver City, which is ten minutes away from LAX and is twenty minutes away from Hollywood. The student body consists of 700 students and an impressive faculty that excel in their perspective fields. The goal of the University is to create a stimulating educational environment and to incorporate an unconventional approach to learning. The campus includes a counseling center, a free writing and math center, a bookstore, two restaurants and plenty of parking. It is a unique setting that inspires student to focus and excel.

American Doctorate Degree Programs – Program Structure

The Doctorate Degree Program at Antioch University has been structured around independence. Each student is able to work in the Ph.D. in Leadership and Change Program in a way that challenges and stimulates them in their chosen field. All doctoral students participate in a Proseminar program for the first three years. This is an interactive program between the student and the faculty where core curricular issues can be discussed, studied and dissected in on-site sessions. Two to three hours a week are dedicated to Proseminar learning activities. The program also includes two individualized areas that are studied for the first three years. These are topics that the student is professionally pursuing within the program.

A Curriculum Unit Schema is completed each year and it is broken down by year this way:
• Year 1 is leadership and Change A; Inquiry and Research A.
• Year 2 is Inquiry and Research A; Inquiry and Research B.
• Year 3 is Inquiry and Research C; Individualized Curriculum.
• Year 4 and beyond is the Dissertation Proposal and Dissertation.
The doctorate degree program allows the student to choose a dissertation topic that expresses the student’s ability to conduct scholarly research and to demonstrate originality, creativity and organizational abilities in their chosen profession.

American Doctorate Degree Programs – Entry Requirements

As an admission requirement for American Doctorate Degree Programs, you will need an admission application form, admission essay, three letters of recommendations, Transcripts, recent resume, and research-oriented writing sample.

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