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American Doctorate Degree Programs at Bowling Green State University – Background

Bowling Green State University is a four-year institution located in Ohio. The institution is a public school and has a student body of 20,000 students and a third of this is comprised of graduate students. If you are looking for American doctorate degree programs, Bowling Green State University has a diverse array of opportunities.

American Doctorate Degree Programs  – Subjects

Bowling Green State University offers doctorate degrees programs in a number of areas including American Culture Studies, Mathematics & Statistics, Biological Sciences, Musical Arts in Contemporary Music, Communication Disorders, Philosophy (Applied), Communication Studies, Photochemical Sciences, English (Rhetoric & Writing), Psychology, Higher Education Administration, Sociology, History, Technology Management, Interdisciplinary Studies, Theatre and Leadership Studies.

American Doctorate Degree Programs  – Specialization

Various doctorate degrees programs offer different specializations. Faculty members within each of the disciplines have different specializations. Thus, interested students should look into the faculty as much as the coursework and requirements for the degree.

American Doctorate Degree Programs  – Entry Requirements

Students who are interested in American doctorate degree programs at Bowling Green State University can apply online or fill out a paper application. Two official Transcripts of the pervious institutions attended, recent GRE scores, and three letters of professional recommendation are all standard pieces of the application. For non-English language candidates must include their recent TOFEL scores for these American Doctorate Degree Programs. Most people who apply to doctorate degrees have a master’s degree in the desired area. Additionally, different programs may have slightly different requirements based on the discipline in which you are applying. Often, a statement of purpose or letter of intent is an additional component to the application as is a portfolio.

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