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American Doctorate Degree Programs at Dallas Baptist University – Background

If you are looking an American doctorate degree programs, Dallas Baptist University is one highly ranked and respected institution you should definitely consider, especially if you are interested in leadership and education. This college is a Christian liberal arts institution that is based in Dallas, Texas.

American Doctorate Degree Programs  – Subjects and Kinds

Currently, Dallas Baptist University offers two doctorate degree programs: an Ed.D in Educational Leadership and Ph.D in Leadership Studies. Each of these degrees is meant to prepare the student for life as a leader in the 21st century. The difference between the programs is that the Ed.D prepares leaders for a life in the teaching profession whereas the PhD prepares students for leadership positions in business, government, and other miscellaneous fields.

American Doctorate Degree Programs  – Entry Requirements

To be considered for these programs, students must have earned a master’s degree from an accredited institution. Students should have a GPA of 3.2 or higher, should score in the 50th percentile of the GRE or comparable test, should have three letters of recommendations and should have some form of experience in the field, preferably on a professional level. Transcripts, an application, and listing of employment experience will also be required by applicants of American Doctorate Degree Programs. An interview with the school is another requirement for admission in PhD Program.

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