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American Doctorate Degree Programs at Yale University – Background

Yale University history dates back to the early 17th century when colonial clergymen decided to open a school to help preserve the tradition of European liberal education. Renamed Yale in 1718, after Elihu Yale, an early donor the school continued adding graduate and professional schools through 1974.

American Doctorate Degree Programs – Subjects

PhDs are available in dozens of fields including Biology, History, Languages, Medieval Studies and Astronomy. Applicants must submit results from a GRE or GMAT exam and proof of English competence. Applicants are required to proceed through a Masters degree in order to be considered for the Doctorate Degree Program, be in residence for a full year and receive recommendations by the department of their choice.

American Doctorate Degree Programs – Course Structure

Full time attendance is expected and completion is anticipated within six years. Part time study is highly discouraged but allowed under special circumstances. Students are expected to assist in teaching at the University. To complete the Doctorate Degree Program all students are expected to submit a dissertation and pass a general exam.

American Doctorate Degree Programs – Jobs

Financial assistance takes the form of fellowships. Each department has its own arrangements but most will offer a five year, twelve month stipend and tuition support. All applicants are considered for fellowships as well as research assistantships, teaching fellowships and traineeships. Additionally the school provides health care services to all students of American Doctorate Degree Programs. In order to accept other sources of funding the student must get approval from the department head or dean. Loans and work study programs are also available for these PhD Degree Programs.

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