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Read about Doctorate Degree Programs in Optometry at universities and colleges in Arizona United States

Doctorate Degree Programs at Arizona – Background

Arizona, famous for its gorgeous landmarks, scenic view, historic places and profound culture has made its way in establishing the quality of learning to its people and producing world class graduates from its 3 Major Universities namely: University of Arizona, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University. In here, they offer higher education courses including the Bachelors degree, Masteral degree and Doctorate degree. They also have networks of schools called community college which offers 2 year vocational courses.

Doctorate Degree Programs at Arizona – Optometry

One of the interesting programs offered in the Universities in Arizona is Optometry which is concerned with eye examination, determination of visual disabilities, diagnosis of eye problems and conditions and prescribing and fitting corrective lenses. The Optometrist is the medical professional who examines and tests the eye. Before someone becomes an optometrist, one must first complete a four year undergraduate study to have a Bachelor’s degree. Then, they need to continue to post graduate schooling to earn their Doctorate Degree or O.D. (Oculus Doctor). It is another 4 year course which includes theoretical and clinical applications of concepts through proper training in the treating, diagnosing, preventing eye disorders and related diseases and then 1 year of residency training to their specialization in a particular field.

Schools need to be approved by the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education (ACOE) for them to render accredited courses to the students. Professors for this course are usually doctorate degree holders and in the same profession. As of now, there are several universities offering this course in AZ.

Upon the completion of the 4 year course, they need to pass the national examination given by the board of examiners. They will have to take both written and clinical exam to test their knowledge and skills which they have learned throughout their 4 year study. By then they will receive their license and can now practice their profession. The license of an optometrist is renewable every 3 years. It is mandated by the state law that no one should practice the profession with an expired license.

There are wide ranges of career opportunities for an optometrist. They can be in the general practice, Graduate schooling and residencies, Military services, Public Health Service, Veterans Health Administration Service or in Education.

According to a US Employment Projection by the year 2018, due to the increasing prevalence of diseases like diabetes, hypertension and glaucoma in the older population, the optometric services is forecasted to increase significantly well by at least 24% in the next decade.

The optometrist is one of the well – compensated profession in the medical field due to the increasing demand from aging population. After acquiring the license, the eye doctor can now gain experience and gain residency training with sub-specialties like pediatric eye care, geriatric eye care, and specialty in contact lenses, ocular diseases and neuro-optometry.

An optometrist can also establish its career by making it in business. They can be in private practice and create their own optical shop or clinic where in patients can visit and have consultation with the optometrist and even sell eye glasses or dispense contact lens which is one way of entrepreneurship.

For career advancements, optometrists can pursue their study for a Master’s degree or Doctorate Degree in Philosophy (PhD) with varying specialties in blindness and visual impairment, vision science, physiological optics, vision therapy, vision rehabilitation and many others. An excellent job opportunity waits for those with added credentials.

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