Online PhD in Education

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Online PhD in Education – Background

What is an online PhD in Education and how can I benefit from this? Due to the advancements in technology, nearly all are utilizing and benefiting from computers. It is now a necessity to the everyday life of the people. With these new innovations, online studies and programs are now sprouting in the cyber world. Distance Learning or what is now known as online classes is currently trending worldwide. This kind of studying method is internationally accepted by many countries due to its wide scope of programs and its large range of target students. It could be availed by undergraduates, those who are pursuing their higher and continuing education, those in the military and government, and those who are training for their companies.

More often than not, the ones who usually avail of these programs are the students who cannot attend school for some reasons like they can’t afford to be physically present in the classroom and the time is too long for them to stay on the campus grounds the whole day. The most common of these are the PhD degree programs like Education, Business, Psychology and Nursing. Most students taking up Doctor of Philosophy program are already professionals and has a lot of other commitments to attend to like his/her family, work, and even the community. That’s why online courses were brought into existence. One of the most common accredited doctorate degree and with a wide range of specialization is the Doctorate in Education.

Online PhD in Education – Requirements

There are varying requirements that students need to take note before getting their distance doctoral degree. The major requirement would be having a Master’s degree on a particular field of specialty. Other professionals opt to choose a Doctorate degree in Education for their second career even though they have varying education degrees that are not related to the field of Education. Some institutions require students to have hands on experience in the educational setting either in the primary or secondary level. While others require a high General Point Average from their previous studies and need to pass the entrance examination before they could apply. Entry requirements vary from institution to institution depending on their protocols and standards.

The average time frame when taking up a PhD degree is around 4 years but sometimes it can be trimmed down into 2 to 3 years if the student make it as a full time study, depending on how often the student studies and fulfills the designated requirements for all the course works.

Studying for an online PhD in Education is laborious, costly and time –consuming. It requires voluminous course works, exams and a dissertation as a final requirement. The whole program will focus on core courses that include: Educational Psychology and Epistemology; Education in Social, Political and Cultural Context; the Art of Teaching; Qualitative Research Methods in Education; and Quantitative Research Methods in Education.

Online PhD in Education – Areas of Research

Online PhD in Education offers programs that specializes in a particular field that includes: Early Childhood Education; Adult Learning; Curriculum and Teaching; Higher Education Management; English as a Second Language; Global Training and Development; Instructional and Organizational Leadership and other specialty programs.

Online PhD in Education – Jobs

A higher career opportunity lies ahead after completing a distance PhD in Education. Some may be in the public or private schools, government institutions, consultative committee and universities or colleges. Others may find their selves in the research and development team focusing on the improvement of educational theories and practice. Job prospect may include being a teacher, university professor, consultants in private or public institutions, administrators, researchers or policy analysts. Along with these job outlook is the increase in salary for those who attained Online PhD in Education, which is a good payback for all the efforts and hardships in finishing the course.

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