Online PhD Nursing Programs

Online PhD Nursing Programs for Nurses who wants to continue their education

Online PhD Nursing Programs – Background

Nursing is an art and science that focuses on giving healthcare to the individual, family and the community. Their primary responsibility is to improve health and maintain quality of life. Nurses who are in the clinical setting are busy persons that they cannot attend to enhance their knowledge and skills by continuing higher education. Most of the time, it is in conflict with their busy work schedules in the hospital to attend to normal schooling so they opt to resort in finding distance PhD nursing programs.

There will be an increasing demand for nurses in the world market in the next few years when the world recovers from its global crisis today. So many nurses pursue their studying to have their continuing education for them to increase their value and credentials. Having a masters’ degree is just a generic brand for nurses today because mostly continues to have their post graduate education after college due to the little availability of job placement in the hospital setting. The challenge now is to have a doctorate degree program for nurses to be prepared in the careers of health administration, clinical research and advance clinical practice. These doctoral programs usually takes four to six years to be accomplished, it is of great help that online PhD nursing programs are now available because it shortens the number of years that you need to take these programs.

Online PhD Nursing Programs – Kinds

You can choose from a number of these Nursing PhD programs. First is the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) it is the highest degree that you can obtain without a PhD. these requires 3 years of study and focuses on the clinical practice – oriented leadership development. This is to prepare nurses for leadership positions in research, clinical care delivery, patient outcomes and system management. Usually nurses are in the managerial or administrative position upon acquiring this degree.

Next is the Doctor of Nursing Philosophy (PhD) program. This is for the growth of nurses in the field of scholarly research that advances theoretical foundations of nursing practice and health care delivery. This degree will enable nurse to conduct scholarly inquiry, leadership in health care delivery system and public policy formulation.

Another online PhD nursing program you can consider is the Doctor of Nursing Science (DNSc) programs. This is to enhance research and leadership skills that will help to the improvement of the health care delivery system. The common focus of this program is health outcomes measurement, health care economics, statistical analysis and informatics.

There are varieties of PhD programs for the nursing profession available online. This will help nurse to manage their hospital duty schedules and continuing higher education in a balanced manner. When choosing which school to enroll with, you need to look for those that offers quality and excellent education by their accredited online educational programs. These accredited schools, institutions and universities can help you to choose on which you shall enroll with and will help you to be confident that they are giving quality education in their online courses. These Online PhD Nursing Programs will help prepare a nurse for a lifetime intellectual inquiry through scholarship, research and new trends in the nursing practice and health care system.

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