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Read about tips and advice for choosing from a wide variety of  distance and Online PhD Degree Programs

Online PhD – Background

Online Education or also known as distance learning is now a worldwide trend in the field of education. It differs significantly from the traditional education set up where in the students need to attend the usual classroom set up and study for hours inside the classroom. Online learning is in favor of those people who cannot attend the traditional classroom set up because primarily of some grounds like having a job, need to attend to their families or children, travelling, community service and the like. The opening of online education is a great opportunity for professionals to advance their knowledge and skills in their areas of specialty. One of the most looked after online degree programs is the online PhD or the Doctor of Philosophy degree. This degree is mostly needed by professionals in order to have higher compensation and to land in a managerial or administrative position in their work. This is also the highest academic excellence that a person can achieve in his/her specialization.

Online PhD Courses

There are great deals of online doctorate courses that you can choose from. The most common are the following: Education, Business, Nursing and Psychology. In addition, there are numbers of universities and colleges that offers these online doctoral degrees. You just need to search for those with accredited online PhD courses. The two leading countries that cater online education are the United States and United Kingdom. These two countries are the pioneers in online studies across the globe.

In US, majority of its universities were already providing online PhD courses. Since most of the Americans are now studying online and the demand is continuously rising, these universities and institutions are designing excellent courses in order to compete from the other schools and even globally. One of the reasons why there are many students enrolling in US online courses is because of its trademark of top and reputable universities like the Harvard University, Stanford, Julliard, West Point and many other good standing schools.

On the other hand, the UK has established a PhD or doctorate degree which is not only flexible but also reliable. Flexible because it is accredited across the globe in multiple countries and there are wide variations of courses that can fit the students field of specialty and Reliable because students even outside the country choose to study here due to the fact that it’s British educational system is well established and an overwhelming career opportunities and job placements awaits the students after graduation.

Online PhD – Funding and Scholarships

In cases of financial problems, there are financial aids that you can apply to. Scholarships are given to students with financial constraints and are usually sponsored by the College and Universities, Agencies from both private and public sector and Organizations related to the field of specialty.

The average time allotment for a PhD degree for the traditional method of schooling is about four to five years, because of the student’s busy lifestyles, their graduation is being delayed. Contrary with that, online PhD students can easily complete their studies because of the students availability and access to their studying any time of the day. At the most, it can be completed in less than two years; sometimes it also depends on the course or specialty that the student chose.

Planning to take Online PhD courses is a crucial decision to make. You need to look for certified and accredited universities and colleges before enrolling. Choosing the right course that is in line with your specialty is another thing. Pursuing your Education on PhD level will be your key to your success in the future.

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