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Read about list of universities offering Part time PhD degree program in India

Part time PhD in India – Background

The pursuit of higher education is not new to the world of professionals. It is now essential for those who want to attain higher positions and to upgrade their incomes to attend continuing education classes to add up to their credentials. India is one of the countries who’s making its way in developing its system of education by means of post graduate academic degree in private and public university. These degrees are the Master’s and Doctorate degrees and may include various majors and specializations. To achieve a doctorate degree, one must have achieved or earned a Masters degree and some years of experience related to the specialization (it depends on the university on the different requirements in doctorate degree). The most common of this is the Doctor of Philosophy or commonly abbreviated as PhD. Having a PhD course requires a lot of time in reading, research and dissertation paper. So it is a hassle for those busy persons who have their jobs and family to study as a full time student in a PhD program. The solution to this dilemma is to enroll for a part time PhD course that will best suit your preferred time schedule.

Part time PhD in India – List of Universities

It is a good thing that Indian Universities are now providing part time PhD courses that can be attended any time of the day. These set up enable the person to still have work and to attend to his/her children or relatives without sacrificing any of them and still continue with his/her education. Different ranges of programme majors are being offered that you can choose from. This varies from: Education, Economy, History, Tourism Studies, Library and Informative Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Political Science and others. To add up, there are different Indian universities and colleges that offers part time PhD courses like the Bharathiar University, Koneru Lakshmaiah University, Osmania University, Sardar Patel University, Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University, Pondicherry University and many more that might help the applicant in choosing to which school should apply.

One of the new trends in education now is the distance learning for those taking PhD courses. The main concept of distance learning is that the student doesn’t need to be physically present in studying for doctorate degree unlike in the traditional class room set up where the usual teaching method of lecture – discussion is utilized and you must stay in the classroom for hours until classes are done. The advantage of this is that it is a time saver becauseyou can have the time you need in studying and can manage your time depending on your schedule.

Part time PhD in India – Funding Possiblities

Not only thus scholarship is given to the undergraduate, likewise in the post graduate school. Here, sponsors were the one’s giving grants for those unfortunate ones who can’t avail PhD because of financial constraints. Mostly, the sponsors were from the universities or the college offering the course when someone is conducting a research, article or dissertation paper for the school or the community. In these, they are given opportunities to have their research outside their institution and sometimes even outside the country. The expenses covered in these are shouldered by the school. Sometimes, when someone enrolled in a PhD course, his employer is the one who gives the grant for his education that is shouldered by the company and in return that person shall serve the company as pay back for having him earned a doctorate degree.

So, for a busy person there are ways on how to gain a PhD degree, one of which is through having a PhD Part time or through distance learning. You just need to look for a credible university that caters the major or specialization that you want to enroll in.

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