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PhD Online Degrees in Spain – Background

Having a PhD degree entails a full time study. People with full time jobs and families often experience conflicts with their schedules regarding this matter because they have no breaks and spare time to study in school. They cannot attend the traditional schooling method of attending classes in a classroom set up because of the hectic schedules and time constraints. This is a challenge for those who want to pursue in their higher education. With the help of technology and modern advancements, PhD online courses are now available in the market to help those who can’t avail to go to normal schooling method.

PhD Online Degrees in Spain – Universities

There are considerations to take note in taking up your PhD online courses. First is to look for quality, reputable and accredited online PhD offered by a good standing institutions, universities or colleges. Many countries today caters the doctorate programs online, one of the famous Universities well known for its post graduate degree programs is the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (National Distance Education University) or UNED in Spain.

UNED was founded in 1972 with the same mission as that of UK’s Open University, to offer distance – learning courses to students and to provide educational opportunities for all. At present, it has 60 study centers in Spain and 20 abroad. It’s satellite centers can be seen in various locations such as in Sao Paolo, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Brussels, Bern and Paris. It offers Licenciaturas (Undergraduate degrees), Diplomaturas (Master’s degrees) and 150 PhD online programs which are conducted in Spanish or English.

UNED’s online courses were directed in two phases. First is the training phase, where the student will take lessons in research methodology. The second is the research phase, where the students prepares and writes for their dissertation paper or thesis. This program includes doctoral studies in Science (which includes health science like Nursing), Education, Business, Philology and Political Science.

PhD Online Degrees in Spain – Subjects

One of the sought after PhD degree is the Business PhD because this is one of the requirement for those who wants teach Business and Administration. Small business professionals seek PhD degree to turn into teaching and became professors. MBA degrees are just common for business people, so in order to top it up in the market, additional credential should make you more vendible.

The general requirement for admission is a Master’s degree or an equivalent issued by a European higher institution or one outside Europe. There may be variation of entry qualifications and requirements depending on the program that the student will avail. Some may require students to attend on campus courses which can be taken from their satellite institution outside the country.

If one considers applying for PhD online degree, here are some of the needed requirements. They should submit a copy of their academic degree, original transcript of records, a short essay about the research that they want to conduct on their chosen specialization and their complete and updated curriculum vitae. UNED has earned reputation among Spanish institution by leaving baterias (a strong impression) on the mind of its student by estabilizador (stabilizing) exelencia acaděmica (academic excellence) and optimal research functions in preparing them in the global competition.

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