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A more detailed review on the different Psychology Online Degree

For those busy people who cannot study in a college campus setting and needs to have a balanced time with work, family and education then it’s time to take a look into getting an online degree course that might suit you. Why not take a Psychology degree instead? Psychology is one of the most rummage online degree courses today. Taking up Psychology online degree saves up time because you are the master of your own time and schedule. You can study at your own convenience and you can access online study any time of the day. This is one of the quickest and most flexible ways to establish or advance a career in human services, counseling or psychology.

Psychology Online Degree – Kinds

There are certain degrees in Psychology that might catch your interest. To start with, you need to take up first a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. It is the first step towards becoming a psychologist or counselor. Psychology online degree offers either a Bachelor of Science (BS) or a Bachelor of Arts (BA). BS psychology concentrates more in the clinical aspects of psychology like neuroscience, social work, developmental, cognitive or industrial business psychology, etc. BS students can find work as doctors, forensic and neuropsychologists, lawyers, etc. While BA provides opportunities for a wide area of study which is focused more on the theoretical and cognitive aspect of psychology like the modern scientific psychology, which is concerned how humans react and adapt to changing environment. BA has career opportunities in psychotherapy, like a case/conflict managers or in business where they could be assigned in the personnel, human resource department or even in the managerial position. This usually takes up 4 years to complete but some offer accelerated or degree completion programs that will enable you to finish the course faster.

After your four year course, you can continue with your post graduate schooling to earn your Master’s degree. This is the minimum level of education required for employment as a licensed counselor, school psychologist or industrial – organizational psychologist. This degree takes about two years to complete. The students have their hands on experience in the professional setting and start to create their original research or thesis. They are trained to have an advanced skill in research, statistics, analytical reasoning and critical thinking skills. Then they will have their training in clinical psychology and research while others push through with their doctoral studies.

Psychology Online Degree – PhD

Going further with your academic level, the last part of it is having a doctorate degree. Psychology online degree offers two programs Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Doctor of Psychology (Psyd). PhD takes about 3 – 6 years of study. The career path for this profession is industrial (business) or organizational (non-profit work) and academic research and training. While PsyD focuses more on the clinical training rather than the research training and in the end, you can land on a job regarding mental health.

Choosing which institution or academy to enroll for your Psychology Online Degree is an important matter. You can choose from a site of directory that links to accredited online psychology educational school programs and other related courses. This site will help you search for those schools and universities offering credible and accountable educational programs that you can look for in the web for you not to be deceived from malicious and sham websites.

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